Our Team

We have dozens of team members that range from Illustrators to Artists, Chefs to Actors,Tutors to Engineers. But they all have one thing in common – they love what they do and have a passion for teaching kids! All ACE instructors have experience working with children and pass a thorough background check in order to be part of our team. Our priority is to provide a safe, secure, and fun environment.


ACE Enrichment was originally dreamed up by a pair of brothers, Shaun and Gary Tuch. Shaun and Gary took a look around the after-school enrichment scene, and realized that something was missing. The problem was, most of the available programs offered nothing beyond daycare. Then the AHA moment arrived! Bring Activities Children Enjoy (aka ACE) to schools.

With a background in sports, business and awesomeness, Shaun and Gary developed ACE Enrichment, a hands-on, educational and unique enrichment program. ACE Enrichment allows children to try new things, harness their creativity and build on their curiosity. Whether students try rock climbing or break dancing, the goal is to give children the opportunity to choose what they want to do. Our classes are designed to help children think outside the box, develop their creative side, learn something new, all while having fun!