After School Enrichment


ACE Enrichment™ was founded in 2007 with a mission to make after-school enrichment awesome. By offering a wide array of hands‐on, action‐packed, and educational classes, ACE ​quickly ​became a leading after-school enrichment company in L.A and surrounding areas. Finding teachers to run quality after school‐programs can be time consuming and costly. ​With many classes to choose from, we make enrichment convenient and hassle free, allowing you to have a successful after‐school program at your school.

What we do is enrichment, and we do it very well. Classes are offered weekly, after-school, each session, ranging from 8-12 weeks. Each Fall, Winter, and Spring, we have new classes for you to choose from. Our awesome enrichment classes are affordable, and cost even less than specialized studios or clinics. We provide the instructor and all materials needed to run classes at your location.

What We Do

Are you looking for something new and exciting? We offer specialized classes,​ ​that are not available anywhere else. ​Select from a wide range of diverse classes. Contact us anytime for a current class list, and we’ll be happy to email it right over. All our classes are kid tested and parent approved!

​Do you want us to do more then just run a few classes at your school? ​If your school or location does not have an enrichment program or your current program needs an overhaul, we can do it for you! ​Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. We can provide:

  • Class Demos
  • Parent Registration
  • Payment Processing
  • Scheduling and Rosters
  • Scholarships


Common Questions

How did ACE enrichment get started?
Great question! ​In 2007, t​wo brothers​ ​saw a need for quality after‐school enrichment in their local school district. Over the years, ACE has ​created many unique classes and has run them in hundreds of school locations through out L.A. and beyond. Every class we offer is educational, but also very fun.

Do you carry insurance?
Yes indeed. We carry $2,000,000 in liability insurance coverage.

Do you fingerprint your instructors?
All ACE Enrichment team members go through a thorough criminal state background check, federal background check, and sex offender registry check.

When do you offer classes?
All year long! We provide after‐school classes during the Fall, Winter, and Spring enrichment session. Each session can run between 8‐12 weeks at a time, giving students an opportunity to try new classes each session. We also provide summer camp programs.

Who pays for classes?
There is no cost to ​the school! We are a parent‐funded program. Parents love having access to quality classes that are convenient for them during the school year. Our classes are affordable for parents and cost even less then outside studios.

Where do your classes take place?
Our classes are held on campus! Our team of instructors will bring all equipment and materials needed each class. It’s great for parents with a busy schedule.

Is there a class minimum or maximum?
We take pride that our class minimums are an industry low. Our minimum is 8 kids. Our class maximums will depend on each individual class and the space available.​ Typically, class maximums will range from 14-16 kids per class. ​

Why cant we see a class list on your website? We are interested in having you at our school!
Each season, our class list may change. We always bring back popular classes and offer new classes with new themes. We’d be happy to send you a current class list. Just Give us a call or send us an email ​and let us know you’re interested! We can also come by your school to discuss the program in more detail. We look forward to bringing awesome classes to your school!